Latest projects

The end results are beautiful visual websites, with a clear structure, that speaks to the customers and offers the information in a readable way. See below for some recent examples of websites made bij RSwebsites:

Client: Bonaire government (department communication)
On August 1, 2019 the adapted Traffic Act will come into effect. On this website you can read about the rules. Which rules come into effect? What must you comply with? What are the risks and fines?

Opdrachtgever: Henk Transfer & Tours
A honest local company with love for the island. The website provides an online platform where (cruise)tourists can check the availability and book the tours online. A good step forward and staying in line with the competition.

Website Screening kanser na pechu

Opdrachtgever: Health Care Bonaire
For the first time there will be a free screening for breastcancer on Bonaire. All female inhabitants between theages of 55 and 75 will receive an invitation. This website provides an extra source of information.

Client: Bonaire government (civil department)
For the elections of March 20th 2019 (and future elections) this websites will provide all the informatie about voting, the parties, the pollingstations, end results etcetera.

Website Bonairestemt
Website Kinderhulp Bonaire

Client: Foundation Child Support Bonaire
The website is a campaign for raising money for the poor children of Bonaire who can’t swim. The foundation organises swimming lessons so the children can get their diploma.

Client: Leo Dijkgraaf (Red Palm Village)
The first Dutch TV show on NOS TV in Bonaire. For everyone who missed the episodes, or can’t view them in their country, this website offers a streaming service to view all the past episodes.

Website Brunch & Babbels
Website TBL

Client: Dierk Simons (Tera Barra Lounge)
The website and bookingsites are set up so customers can easily make reservations or get in contact. Within a week since the site was online we received the first booking!